About Us

About Us

Welcome friends to the Onlinetamiltyping tool to learn Tamil typing in a few minutes. This tool offers Tamil typing and Tamil translation online for free. Mostly Tamil is spoken in the southern part of Indian states.

Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu and the other two countries that is Sri Lanka and Singapore. Tamil is the first classical language of India. Tamil is the first Indian language to Printed and published by the Portuguese Christian Missionaries. The Tamil script contains 12 vowels, 18 consonants, and one special character. Most people know language according to their states but sometimes there is a situation they have to settle somewhere else that time you can make use of a translator tool for knowing what they are telling.

For that purpose, we have designed the Tamil translation and Tamil typing tool. This tool can be useful for those users who frequently used the typing and translation tool.

Tamil Typing

In this online tool, we just have to start typing and the typed words are transliterated in Tamil. When start typing the suggestion drop-down menu will appear when the user hits the backspace button.

If the user wants to switch between English to Tamil, then press ctrl+g and vice versa. This tool is free and users can type unlimited words. You can download and share the typed text on email and other social media.

Tamil Translation

An online Tamil translation tool is used to translate the text from one language to another. In this tool, the user has to type the text in the left-hand side box and click on the translate button.

Then the text will be translated. You can download the translated text for free and do translation up to 500 words. This tool is free. Your data is safe to translate on our website.

Got it!